How to download movies from DVDWap?

DVDWap is the most popular movie download site. But the site is not beginner friendly so peoples may think it’s a fake website. But dvdwap is the real one, which providing quality rip movies day by day. In this tutorial I’m going to guide you to download movies from dvdwap.

1. Upindia download method

Upindia is most common server in all movie downloading site and the procedure is same in all sites.

  • first open the site and select a movie to download.


  • scroll down to bottom and choose the quality of movie (1080p to 400mb movies available on site, choose the size wich is affordable for your current data plan)


  • after selecting the size you will redirected to download page and choose server 1 from download page


  • from the opened window (upindia) choose download button


  • I forget to mention about ads if popup appears then simply press back button. choose download 2 from the new window.


  • select download button on new window


  • That’s it. you can see that your file is downloading.



2. Dudes download method

Dudes is a google drive sharing site and all users can share their public google drive files through dudes.

  • follow the first 2 steps from upindia download method
  • in 3rd step choose server 2


  • Below file details you can see sign in option. Click on it. (Once you signed in the data will stored for 30 days)

  • From the new window click on get code button

  • Sign-in with google account and Grant Google App Permissions

  • Copy secret code from the opened window


  • Paste secret code in the text box which located above confirm button and click on confirm button.

  • Click on download button

  • Click direct download and your download will start automatically

  • In case you are using chrome you need to do 2 more steps. after clicking direct download you will be re-directed to your google drive app .
  • in that page click on the ellipsis (dots located at Top right corner) then click download option.

  • in the notification bar you can see the progressing download


3. New Download Server Method

This is the new method implimented due to upindia file removal issues. (Only available for new releases)

  • Follow the first 3 steps from upindia method


  • Please wait 5 seconds (if countdown not appears change your browser)

  • Click on generate link option

  • at bottom click on link download option

  • your file will download immediately after clicking link download


Hope you guys got the methods, if any doubts comment below at which step you are. I’ll help you.

Happy downloading…..